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We're proud to have Turbodog included in the 101 Best Beers in America list by Men's Journal with so many other great brews! Turbodog is one of our oldest brews and has gained a cult following across the country over the years. To see where it's sold near you, click here to access our Beer Finder. Be sure to check out Men's Journal's Turbodog mention below and check out the full list!     Louisiana: Turbodog Brown Ale Brewer: Abita Brewing Company Style: Brown Ale There’s a lot going on in this brown ale, which starts with a combination of pale, caramel and chocolate malts for chocolate and toffee sweetness, and Willamette hops for balancing bitterness. Turbodog ale started off as a specialty brew but soon became a flagship thanks to its loyal following.  See the full list!
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