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Ingredients Sauce 4 oz Bleu Cheese 8 oz Flour 8 oz Butter 12 oz Diced Pimientos 32 fl oz Heavy Cream 32 fl oz Milk 32 oz American Cheese 32 fl oz Abita Amber 32 oz Mini Shell Pasta 32 oz Shredded Cheddar Salt, Pepper, and Sriracha to taste Using Butter and Flour make a blonde roux mix Add room temperature Heavy Cream and str to avoid clumps, cook until it begins to thicken Add room temperature milk, cook until it begins to thicken Add the American and Bleu Cheeses, cook until cheese melts - stir occasionally Season to taste Add room temperature Abita Amber, slowly until desired thickness is reached Cook desired noodles to Al Dente In a large bowl add cooked noodles, and as much of the sauce as you need (approx. 1 qt of sauce per pound of pasta) Add in shredded cheddar, followed by pimientos Mix everything together Taste and adjust seasoning Dijonaise 1 part Dijon Mustard 4 parts Mayo Mix together Directions Patty Melt 1 big spoonful of Pimiento Mac-N-Cheese 1 oz Butter 1 oz Dijonaise 2 slices of Wheat Bread 2 slices of American Cheese 2 slices of Bacon 2 - 3 oz Hamburger...
It's a Southern Thing tries Abita Pecan Ale for the first time to see if it's truly "Southern-Certified". Will they GEAUX NUTS or go home?
Yes, Abita Brewing Company once made a stout with oyster shells. They also tried out a spiced ale inspired by a crawfish boil! These aren't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strange brews!  ��
Podcast and Article by Poppy Tooker | April 4, 2018 Abita Beer President David Blossman has always been a man ahead of his time. Long before it was legal for him to drink, David was experimenting with home brewing, making small batches of beer as a hobby. At 17 years old, he invested his teenage savings into what would become the Abita Brewing Company. Over 30 years later, he's the top dog! On this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, we speak with David about Abita's pioneering role in the craft beer movement, their relationship with the community, and a special tricentennial tribute to New Orleans, Maison Blanc. Abita’s 2018 limited edition release was crafted to celebrate New Orleans 300th birthday.  “Maison Blanc has the mild, dry flavor you seek in your favorite house white wine, with the delicious crisp characteristics of Savignon blanc grapes.  Maison Blanc combines the best of both worlds to be enjoyed by beer and wine lovers alike. Listen to the podcast episode on the It's New Orleans website!
2018 Beer Release Calendar The new year is here and we're looking forward to another great year of brews! We've been hard at work behind the scenes planning for 2018 and wanted to share some of what we've been working on. Our 2018 Beer Release Calendar is everything we'll be releasing and boiled down to one single sheet. It's our brew bible! Of course, most of your favorites are back, but as you'll see we're bringing some beers you might recognize out of retirement and releasing a ton of new beers. In all, we'll brew and package 31 beers in 2018 and that's not counting the tons of beers we'll be experimenting with and releasing on our pilot system here at the brewery. A big change in our lineup is the change of our Select Series to our new Limited Series. The idea behind the series will remain the same. These limited offerings will be where we experiment with new styles and flavors and try new things, but instead of the beer being sold in 22 oz. bottles like it has in the past, we're making the switch to 6pk carriers. In 2018, we'll release five new brews in all (not including our new Maison Blanc)....
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