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Abita Brewing Company, is kicking the holiday season off with a larger than life Keg Tree in their Brewery Beer Garden. This nine-level tree is constructed of 212 stainless steel, half-barrel kegs, 260’ of stainless cable, trimmed with over 2,500 LED lights, and topped with three Abita fleur-de-lis neons. “We wanted to celebrate the holidays bigger this year and a team member brought this idea up at lunch,” said David Blossman, President and CEO of Abita Brewing Company. “We worked together with our team to layer the kegs and hang the lights. Within a few weeks our vision came to life and the result was a 20’ tree in our beer garden.” The official tree lighting ceremony will be this Friday, December 1st at 6pm during their December Food Truck Round Up. There will be carolers, an appearance by the Mande Milkshakers and plenty of beer on tap! For more information, visit and follow Abita on Instagram. For the latest news, join the brewery’s Brew Krewe email newsletter.
Beer comes in all shades, flavors, and strengths, from microbrews at craft breweries to longtime fan-favorite brands. With so many choices on the market, it's hard to pick a favorite; however, Top Agency recently compiled a report of the most popular beer brands in the U.S. Top Agency looked at data from 2020 to 2022 to analyze how beer consumption has changed during the pandemic. According to the report, alcohol consumption across the country has increased 8.2% since 2020 with nearly 24% of survey respondents reporting consuming 20 or more beers per month. Another facet of the report looked to see which beer "cheap" brands are the most popular around the country. The most popular beer overall is Budweiser, with 23 states choosing the brew more than any other. Other states, like Texas, Georgia, and Illinois, each enjoy specific local brews rather than mass-produced brands. So what is Louisiana's most popular beer? Abita While Louisiana does enjoy tossing back a Budweiser, its top choice is actually Abita, a brewing company founded about 30 miles north of New Orleans in 1986.
Jockamo Juicy IPA by Abita Brewing Co. is a delicious offering in the BJCP 21B Specialty IPA – New England IPA style. This one has exceptional aroma and flavor and really delivers on balance and drinkability.  There is a huge burst of a fresh blend of juicy and dank hop-like characters that makes itself well known the second that the can is opened. The Citra hop character is more notable than the rest. The ferment seems quite clean with little in the way of esters noted. There is a light base malt character in the background behind the hops. The beer pours a hazy light golden color with a moderate small-bubble white head with great retention. Juicy Citra hop flavor is up front with a nice complement of Simcoe-like dankness behind this. The base malt is present and, again, supports the hop flavor levels well. The flavor balance seen up front is retained throughout the drink well into the finish. Importantly, the late addition hop levers used in this brew do not deliver the lingering harshness typically seen in beers of this style. The body is medium, the carbonation is moderate, and the finish is pleasantly medium-dry. The overall fermentation character is very clean, as noted above, allowing the...
Abita Springs has been named a "Must Visit Small Town in Louisiana" ! "Back at the turn of the 20th century, New Orleanians with a few bucks used this town just across Lake Pontchartrain as an escape from the city when yellow fever gripped the populace. After the Depression, the colorful hotels where they used to frolic fell into disrepair. In the 1970s, a group of enterprising hippies brought them back to life. Now, they're private homes and B&Bs, lining the streets of the most hippie town on the Bayou. In addition to the cool old architecture, Abita Springs is also home to the regionally renowned Abita Brewing Company, and its “this tastes so good I should probably keep reminding myself it’s 8% ABV” Andygator pilsner. —MM"
It’s 2022 and we’ve got some brews for you! Our team has been working hard to build this line-up for the new year! We have some new brews headed your way as well as some highly requested returns. So what are you waiting for, check it out and see if your favorite is coming back or if you found a new favorite! The Alpha is here to reign for longer! Beginning in March 2022, AlphaGator will be part of our year round series in cans! Fan favorite PB & Jams is making a comeback as the first quarter Limited. We are preparing for Mardi Gras with the debut of our Abita Crafted Cocktails, a new canned Ready-to-Drink (RTD) collection that allows you to enjoy a mixed drink in the convenience of a can. All at 8% ABV. All in the convenience of a can. The Abita Crafted Cocktails Collection launches with Tiki Rum Punch, Mojito and Mimosa. Our team enjoyed crafting these drinks with a focus on quality ingredients, blended for the most refreshing and flavorful cocktail in the convenience of a can. Our Crafted Cocktail line is a perfect staple just in time for Mardi Gras. It wouldn’t be Louisiana without sweet tea....
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