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Employee Spotlight: Wyatt Wankelman

December 05, 2016

Name: Wyatt Wankelman

Position Title: Regional Sales Manager

Position Description: Cover Alabama and Florida spreading the good word that is Abita Beer!

How long have you been with Abita? 8 years

First Abita You Ever Had? Turbo Dog- I was a student at FSU.  It was the first craft beer I ever had. 

Favorite Abita Brew? Amber, next question.

What do you enjoy about working at Abita? Obviously I enjoy the beer but really enjoy the family feel.  Even being an employee not based in Louisiana it always feels like coming home when I make a trip back to the brewery.

What’s your favorite food & beer pairing? There is a great restaurant in Tampa called Boca that does an amazing pulled pork using Amber in the sauce.

Favorite Louisiana Restaurant? Mr B’s- great location/ atmosphere and the Amber on draft is always served perfectly.

What is something about your job that people may not expect? How rewarding it is when you secure a new tap you’ve been working on for the last 5 visits to the high volume, hard to land account.

You have a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where are you going and why? Munich, Octoberfest- then a short drive over to Prague.

Favorite 3 movies of all time? Smokey and the Bandit, Caddy Shack, and Patton

First concert you ever attended? Alabama

Favorite album of all time? Guns and Roses – Appetite For Destruction

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