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Louisiana True - Ameal Cameron

April 08, 2020

For over 30 years we’ve been proud to call Louisiana home & have always understood our responsibility to be a good member of our community. Over the next several months, we plan to keep Culture on Tap by spotlighting & sharing some of our favorite Louisiana artists & local businesses that have the same passion for their work as we do. We hope this helps bring awareness & support to their business when they need it most.

The next artist we want to feature is Ameal Cameron. Ameal says he loves creating music because it brings people together & that it always puts a smile on their faces. Ameal is a proud Louisiana Native. He said “Growing up in Louisiana has made me strong and resilient. I love the culture and the music that comes from here.”

Wondering how you can support Ameal? Take a minute & visit his Facebook page at If you jump over to his Instagram, you can check out what he has recently been working on. While you are there give him a follow and let his work encourage you.

You can find Ameal’s Instagram here:

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