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Supporting Local - Louisiana Heart Felts

March 24, 2020

For over 30 years we’ve been proud to call Louisiana home & have always understood our responsibility to be a good member of our community. Over the next several months,
we plan to keep Culture on Tap by spotlighting & sharing some of our favorite Louisiana artists & local businesses that have the same passion for their work as we do. We hope this helps bring awareness & support to their business when they need it most.

The first artist we want to highlight is a painter from Slidell, Jessica Young. Her art is inspired by the wildlife, people, & magic of South Louisiana. Since the young age of 4; art, wildlife, crawfish boils and the bayou have brought inspiration and joy to her heart. In her mind, whomever said “home is where the heart is” must have been talking about Louisiana.

Wondering how you can support Jessica and Louisiana Heart Felts LLC? Take a minute & visit her website at If you jump over to her Instagram, you can check out what she has recently been working on. While you are there give her a follow and let her work encourage you.

You can find Jessica’s Instagram here:

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