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Louisiana Spiced Ale

If there’s one season Louisianans look forward to all year, it’s crawfish boiling season. It’s just the way we live this time of year. The weather is mild, perfect for gathering outdoors to enjoy one of our tastiest regional delicacies. But the best part about the boil is the coming together of friends and family. While you can host a boil for just a few, it just wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t surrounded by our friends, family, and neighbors as we dig in and get messy with a pile of our favorite shellfish. When there’s newspaper on the table, crawfish in the pot, and an Abita in your hands, the more the merrier!

Spiced Ale
Bitterness [IBU]
Scale of 1-100
Color (Lovibond)
Scale of 1-100
Yeast: German Ale
Malt: Pale/Wheat
Hops: Cascade
Nutrition Facts