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Lounging Iguanas

A juicy take on the popular Piña Colada, Lounging Iguanas combines Citra & Cascade hops with pineapple & toasted coconut to create a fruit forward IPA with tropical flavors & aromas.

Bitterness [IBU]
Scale of 1-100
Color (Lovibond)
Scale of 1-100
Yeast: German Ale
Malt: Pale, Wheat & Oats
Hops: Cascade & Citra
Nutrition Facts



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Who's Drinking Lounging Iguanas?

Shelby B. is drinking Lounging Iguana at Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint - Birmingham

8 hours ago

Chris M. is drinking Lounging Iguana

9 hours ago

Austin T. is drinking Lounging Iguana at Rabbits Snowball Shack

11 hours ago

Tim F. is drinking Lounging Iguana

12 hours ago