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Triple Haze

Triple Haze is a take on one of our most popular year round offerings, Purple Haze. It is a strong golden lager made with malted barley and wheat. It is hopped with German Perle hops to give the beer a delicate hop flavor. After the beer is filtered, a generous amount of fresh raspberry puree is added. This gives the beer a tartly sweet taste and aroma as well as a bright purple color and haze. Triple Haze is a great dessert beer. It pairs well with fruit desserts or sorbets. It is also excellent with chocolate dishes or cheeses such as St. Andre, mascarpone and brie.

Strong Lager
Bitterness [IBU]
Scale of 1-100
Color (Lovibond)
Scale of 1-100
Yeast: German Lager
Malt: Pilsner & Wheat
Hops: German Perle
Nutrition Facts


Limited Release

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