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#ABITANOWWECAN It’s here! Now you can get three Abita favorite brews in cans: Amber, Purple Haze and Jockamo IPA. Look for Abita six and 12 can packs at your favorite store and take them along to all the places you love to go.  

Available Cans

Available in 12 packs. Amber is a Munich style lager and has a smooth, malty, slightly caramel flavor and a rich amber color. Abita Amber was the first beer offered by the brewery and continues to be our leading seller.
Purple HAZE®
Available in 12 packs. Purple Haze® is a lager brewed with wheat and real raspberries added after filtration. The berries add a fruity aroma, tartly sweet taste and a subtle purple color and haze...you may see fruit pulp in the beer.
Jockamo IPA®
Available in six packs. Abita Jockamo IPA® is an American IPA. This copper-colored ale has a flavor as bold as the “Mardi Gras Indians” who march through New Orleans in suits of feathers and beads.

Can Technology

Water based lining
The new Abita cans are coated with a water-based lining to protect and preserve the great taste of your Abita beer. This lining insulates the beer from the can’s interior surface so you taste only the brew and never the can.
Blocks 100% of light
Light and oxygen are the enemies of great tasting beer. Canning blocks UV light from ever reaching your Abita Beer and also prevents oxygen intrusion. Cans lock in the flavor of beer keeping it tasting fresher even longer.


Cans are good for the environment too. Lightweight aluminum cans can reduce the fuel costs of shipping by more than a third. Over sixty percent of your beer can is made from recycled content and aluminum cans are more frequently recycled than any other beverage container. Cans require less energy to cool down, so consumers can enjoy cold beer more quickly.

Abita goes where you go

Abita cans are just right for all the places you love to go where glass might not be convenient or allowed...parades, fishing, tubing, golfing, the beach, the pool and more. Tap into the flavor and fun of Abita Beer in cans.

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