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Green brewing means that the Abita Brewing Company is committed to preserving the environment through conservation of resources, energy efficiency and corporate social responsibility.

At Abita, we work to make great beer every day. We also work to make Abita Springs, Louisiana and the world around us a better place to live by being a good neighbor.

Our brewery is located in the beautiful, piney woods north of New Orleans. We depend on the clean, pure water drawn from our natural artesian well to make our great tasting beer. Protecting and improving the environment is a responsibility we take very seriously.  Conserving energy and water, reusing by-products and waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, driving greener vehicles and using recycled materials are some of the ways Abita is working to keep our part of the world green and clean.

Energy Conservation — Powered By Beer

Abita has been the leader in energy conservation for over 15 years. In our brew house, we've expanded that commitment to seek as much energy recovery to reuse as we can attain it. We are the first and only brewery to utilize our EquiTherm system.  This self-sustaining system allows us to capture all of the heat of the brew kettle exhaust system, and combine it with heat produced during the wort cool down. By recycling this energy, we're able to heat up our water with energy we're naturally creating, without the need for biogas. This ensures an efficient use of energy throughout the brewing process. 

Abita also operates our own industrial wastewater treatment plant to generate our own energy. A Bio-Energy Recovery System (BERS) anaerobically, (meaning treated in the absence of air), treats our wastewater, reducing its strength and volume.

Protecting Our Source & Namesake

While most other breweries must filter and chemically treat their water for the brewing process, Abita does neither. We take ours straight from the source. Our water is drawn from a deep artesian well in the Southern Hills aquifer system. Over 3,000 feet deep in some areas, it contains fresh water kept pristine in underground structures that are more than five million years old. Our water has been tested and shown to be free of man-made pollutants, including Tritium, a man-made radioactive isotope that marks all surface waters. It is the perfect water for brewing beer.

The water from the Abita Spring has long been known for purity and clarity. Long ago, Native Americans from the  Choctaw nation drank from the spring and believed it had healing powers. In fact, Abita means “healing waters” in Choctaw. In the late 1800s Abita Springs became a popular resort spot for visitors who traveled by train from New Orleans.

The Abita Brewing Company is committed to reducing the amount of water used to produce each barrel of beer. Regular maintenance of faucets and piping allows us to quickly identify and repair leaks. Our BERS wastewater treatment plant actually generates energy used by the brewery. The BERS plant also treats the water and results in a 95% reduction of load on the local Abita Springs sewerage system. The process also reduces the amount of solid waste sent to local landfills.

Trucks, Glass & Cows

The glass bottles used by Abita are endlessly recyclable and use less glass than traditional long-neck beer bottles. Every 18-wheeler in the Abita delivery fleet is equipped with an energy saving Auxillary Power Unit (APU) that takes over engine operation when a truck is parked. The APUs decrease engine emissions and time spent idling. Even the spent grain and hops from the brewing process don’t go to waste. Local farmers use the end products of the brewing process as feed for their cattle.

Our Employees

Everyone at the Abita Brewing Company is committed to preserving the environment. We think beer tastes better when the world is clean. We’re proud to be a good neighbor…a good neighbor who makes great Abita Beer.

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