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Welcome to Abita’s Contract Brewing services, where passion meets precision in crafting exceptional beverages tailored to your unique brand’s vision. We understand that creating a beverage requires more than key ingredients; it demands expertise, commitment and an understanding of your brand’s essence. Abita offers a comprehensive suite of contract brewing services, designed to bring your brand to life.

Whether you are a startup looking to break into the market or an established brand looking to expand your offerings, our team will guide you through the entire process, From brewing to production and shipping, your dedicated contract service contact will ensure that our team delivers results that exceed your expectations.  When it comes to quality assurance, brewing capabilities, packaging expertise and supply chain management, we are industry leaders. Let’s work together to unlock limitless possibilities for your brew.

Brewing Capabilities & Capacity
With our team of experienced brewers at the helm, we have the expertise to brew a wide range of products from classic lagers to bold innovations. Our expansive capacity allows us to accommodate small-batch specialties to large-scale productions, no matter the scale of your project.

  • Beer (Lagers, Ales, IPAs), spirit-based RTDs, seltzers, malt-based cocktails & sodas
  • Brewed with all-natural pure artesian spring water that is never chemically treated – perfect for brewing
  • 300-800 barrel UV tanks
  • 200 barrel Steinecker Four Vessel Brewhouse
  • Proprietary Hop Forge System
  • Minimum batch size is 300 barrels per SKU

Co-Packing Capabilities
Our state-of-the-art production line packages bottles or cans at 400 containers/minute and has advanced technology to ensure that your brews not only taste exceptional, but they look the part, whether its cans, bottles, or kegs. We can pasteurize both package and kegged products and offer configurations that meet consumer demands.

Filling & Packing

  • Standard Cans 12oz: 4pk, 6pk, 12pk, 15pk & 24pk in paperboard cartons
  • Standard Cans 16oz: 4pk, 6pk or 12pk
  • Standard Cans 19.2oz: 12pk no tray or 24pk with PakTech in tray
  • Sleek Cans 12oz: 4pk, 6pk or 12pk
  • Heritage Bottles with Pryoff Cap: 12oz in 6pk basket or 12pk
  • Longneck Bottles: Coming Spring 2025
  • Kegs: 1/2 barrel, 1/4 barrel & 1/6 barrel

Additional Packing Options

  • Can PakTech: 4pk & 6pk (standard & sleek)
  • Can Variety: 2, 3 or 4 Brands in 12pk
  • Bottle Variety: 2 or 4 Brands in 12pk
  • Loose in Trays: 24-pack cans or bottles
  • Can Labeling: Pressure Sensitive (standard & sleek)

Extensive Quality Assurance
Our commitment to quality is unwavering, backed by a rigorous QA program that ensures every batch meets the highest standards.

  • Superior Rating by the ASI Food Safety Certification Auditors
  • Quality control team with full service lab that ensures consistency & testing across all brewing components & all points of production:
    • Microbiological Media
      • Universal Beer Agar – UBA
      • Hsu’s Lactobacillus Pediococcus – HLP
      • Lee’s Multi-Differential – LMDA
    • Microbiological Petri Film (Aerobic Plate Count, Rapid Yeast & Mold, m-Endo)
    • Chemistry/Quality
      • Fermentation Gravity
      • Yeast Cell Count & Viability
      • Nitrogen (Primary Amino Nitrogen)
      • Gas Chromography – VDKs
      • Specific Gravity, Org. Gravity
      • Real & App. Extract
      • Calories
      • pH
      • Total Acidity
      • Color & IBU with a Spectrophotometer
      • Dissolved Oxygen
      • Test for O2 using a Haffmans Meter
      • Test for Density, ABV, Haze & CO2 on all finished products using Anton Paar Equipment
      • App. Deg Ferm & Real Deg Ferm
      • Container Fill Height Verification
      • Can Seam Inspection
    • Other
      • Gluten

Convenient Location
Looking for a contract brewing partner that’s perfectly positioned for accessibility to the southeast? Look no further. At Abita, we’re strategically located to serve your needs better from start to finish. Our customers will have access to our contracted vendor networks which include ingredients, packaging materials and supply chain and freight operators.

  • Proximity to Port of New Orleans
  • Direct access to Interstate 10 and Interstate 55
  • Gateway to the southeast – hub centrally located between Texas and Florida

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