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Green Brewing

Green brewing means that the Abita Brewing Company is committed to preserving the environment through conservation of resources, energy efficiency and corporate social responsibility.

About Abita

At Abita, we work to make great beer every day. We also work to make Abita Springs, Louisiana and the world around us a better place to live by being a good neighbor.

Our brewery is located in the beautiful, piney woods north of New Orleans. We depend on the clean, pure water drawn from our natural artesian well to make our great tasting beer. Protecting and improving the environment is a responsibility we take very seriously. Conserving energy and water, reusing by-products and waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, driving greener vehicles and using recycled materials are some of the ways Abita is working to keep our part of the world green and clean.


Connect with Abita

Check us out @abitabrewery