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About Abita

Frequently Asked Questions

At Abita we believe in giving back. We take donations into consideration case by case. If you would like to submit a donation request, please fill out our donation request form.

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The Abita Brewing Company wants to ensure that our products are enjoyed at the peak of freshness, so every bottle and can is dated. The date is applied on the bottling line within seconds of the bottle or can being filled and capped. Look for the date on the neck of the bottle or the bottom of the can. We use a “packaged on” Julian dating system.

  • The shelf life of our beer cans and bottles is 5 months (150 days) unless indicated otherwise, and the shelf life of our kegs is 180 days after the “born on“ date on the keg ring.
  • Soda and Hop Water have a one year shelf life.

Louisiana Hard Sweet Tea, Abita Root Beer, Vanilla Cream Soda & King Cake Soda are all gluten free. As well as our hop water.

Strawberry Lager is now available year round! Similar to wine with a grape harvest, we have worked closely with our Louisiana farmers to ensure enough berries are harvested to last throughout the year, allowing us to deliver the fresh taste of strawberries to y’all year round.

There are differences in the science and in the taste! 

  1. Yeast
    In general, ales are made with top fermenting yeast and lagers with bottom fermenting yeast.

  2. Temperature of fermentation
    Ales ferment typically between 64 and 70 degrees F, and lagers ferment generally between 52 and 58 F.

  3. Taste and mouthfeel
    Ales can be described as “hearty, robust and fruity” and lagers are referred to as being “crisp, clean, and smooth”. Ales can also be described as creamy, while lagers tend to be described as crispy.

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