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Name: Wyatt Wankelman Position Title: Regional Sales Manager Position Description: Cover Alabama and Florida spreading the good word that is Abita Beer! How long have you been with Abita? 8 years First Abita You Ever Had? Turbo Dog- I was a student at FSU.  It was the first craft beer I ever had.  Favorite Abita Brew? Amber, next question. What do you enjoy about working at Abita? Obviously I enjoy the beer but really enjoy the family feel.  Even being an employee not based in Louisiana it always feels like coming home when I make a trip back to the brewery. What’s your favorite food & beer pairing? There is a great restaurant in Tampa called Boca that does an amazing pulled pork using Amber in the sauce. Favorite Louisiana Restaurant? Mr B’s- great location/ atmosphere and the Amber on draft is always served perfectly. What is something about your job that people may not expect? How rewarding it is when you secure a new tap you’ve been working on for the last 5 visits to the high volume, hard to land account. You have a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where are you going and why?...
Updated 3/10: 2016 is a milestone year for us here at Abita. For one thing, we turn 30! That isn’t all though, because in coordination with that 30th anniversary, we’re unveiling new designs and an overall new look and feel for our packaging. You can expect to see the new looks for our flagship brews, seasonal brews and harvest series on shelves this month! You’ll see these changes, but we want to be very clear that even though the bottles may look refreshingly different on the outside, your favorite brews inside will taste exactly the same! WE REPEAT: NEW LOOK, SAME GREAT TASTE! Our new look is inspired by the art, culture, history and colors of New Orleans. The personality of the city is showcased through eccentric new characters and quintessential New Orleans scenes depicted on the packaging. You may also notice that your favorite bottles of Abita brews are back in basket carriers. The first bottles we offered debuted in baskets, making it fitting to return to them after all these years. We made the change after listening to you, our fans, regarding your choice of baskets over wraps. The new baskets allow for ease of use and give...
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