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Beer comes in all shades, flavors, and strengths, from microbrews at craft breweries to longtime fan-favorite brands. With so many choices on the market, it's hard to pick a favorite; however, Top Agency recently compiled a report of the most popular beer brands in the U.S. Top Agency looked at data from 2020 to 2022 to analyze how beer consumption has changed during the pandemic. According to the report, alcohol consumption across the country has increased 8.2% since 2020 with nearly 24% of survey respondents reporting consuming 20 or more beers per month. Another facet of the report looked to see which beer "cheap" brands are the most popular around the country. The most popular beer overall is Budweiser, with 23 states choosing the brew more than any other. Other states, like Texas, Georgia, and Illinois, each enjoy specific local brews rather than mass-produced brands. So what is Louisiana's most popular beer? Abita While Louisiana does enjoy tossing back a Budweiser, its top choice is actually Abita, a brewing company founded about 30 miles north of New Orleans in 1986.
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