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Quick Bites: Abita Beer Salutes New Orleans’ Tricentennial

Podcast and Article by Poppy Tooker | April 4, 2018

Abita Beer President David Blossman has always been a man ahead of his time. Long before it was legal for him to drink, David was experimenting with home brewing, making small batches of beer as a hobby. At 17 years old, he invested his teenage savings into what would become the Abita Brewing Company. Over 30 years later, he's the top dog!

On this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, we speak with David about Abita's pioneering role in the craft beer movement, their relationship with the community, and a special tricentennial tribute to New Orleans, Maison Blanc.

Abita’s 2018 limited edition release was crafted to celebrate New Orleans 300th birthday.  “Maison Blanc has the mild, dry flavor you seek in your favorite house white wine, with the delicious crisp characteristics of Savignon blanc grapes.  Maison Blanc combines the best of both worlds to be enjoyed by beer and wine lovers alike.

Listen to the podcast episode on the It's New Orleans website!

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