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By Laura McKnight from | The Times-Picayune   (NOLA.COM Archive) Abita Brewing’s popular Strawberry Harvest Lager is cropping up on taps around New Orleans, offering a spirited — and according to some, better — way to enjoy a local warm-weather favorite. This year marks the first time the Abita Springs-based brewery has ever offered Abita Strawberry on tap, Abita Brewery president David Blossman said More than 100 bars and restaurants in the New Orleans area are carrying the strawberry beer on draft, a version preferred over bottles by some beer-drinkers, including Blossman. “I always find draft better,” Blossman said, as long as draft lines are kept properly. “We’re a very draft-driven brewery”. Abita Strawberry fans can also find the brew on tap for the first time at this year’s French Quarter Festival, set for April 10-13. The festival served the bottled version of the strawberry beer for the first time last year, said Rebecca Sell, marketing and publicity manager for French Quarter Festivals Inc., which produces the fest. “Since we embrace all things local, the fact that it’s made with (South Louisiana) strawberries is very appealing," Sell said. Lots of local beer-drinkers seem to agree, as demand for the strawberry...
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