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Today is a great day for Abita Beer. This morning, everyone who works at the brewery came together to celebrate the wrap up of our three-year, $30 million dollar expansion. This expansion means exciting things for people who love Abita Beer. A brand new visitor center, a new and bigger gift shop, more tours each week and most importantly, in order to brew the finest craft beer possible, a state-of-the art brewhouse and cellar. We’ve come a long way since we started in 1986 in the tiny back room of what is now the Abita Brew Pub restaurant. We’re proud of the fact that we were the very first craft brewer – not just in Louisiana but in the entire southeast. And we’re proud of the role we played as a pioneer in the craft movement. Abita brews the beer that reflects the people, passion and culture of Louisiana. I knew when I was just 17 what I wanted to do with my life. I invested my teenage savings – all $2,500 of it – into what would become the Abita Brewery. Little did I know that one day I’d have one of the greatest jobs in Louisiana. I’m very...
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