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Beer Connoisseur Reviews Abita Light

Judge’s Review: 91 Rating – Abita Light Lager by Abita Brewing Co.

Abita Light Lager by Abita Brewing Co. was judged according to the Beer Judge Certification Program 2021 guidelines under subcategory 1A American Light Lager.

Evaluated after pouring from a 12-ounce bottle into a pilsner glass at 40°F, considered the optimum temperature for this style.

The aroma reflected a light barley malt bouquet without the corny aromatics found in many examples of this style and was accompanied by only the slightest wisp of noble hops.

A crystal clear, light golden-colored beer is supported by a substantial white head, which filled the glass but did not persist. This is not uncommon for lower-gravity beers.

Lightly malt-accented with grainy notes, which are clean and devoid of off-flavors. Just a touch of hop flavor complemented the light nature of the style.

Thin-bodied and quite crisp and refreshing with a weak finish that avoided hop harshness and preserved the delicate essence of the style.

Light beers are often underrated due to their low flavor threshold and sensitivity that manifests even the slightest of flaws. This beer avoided many of the pitfalls generally associated with light lagers and represented the American Light Lager category exceptionally well.

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