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Happy Hour Friday: Purple Haze Margarita

Since my Abita Strawberry Beeramisu has had such a wide and positive reception, I thought I’d feature another favorite Abita brew for this week’s Happy Hour Friday post.  Purple Haze, if you haven’t had it before, is a raspberry-flavored lager.  It’s one of my favorites; and luckily, since this is a local brewery, it’s pretty easy to find on tap around here.

I got the idea to try it in a margarita recipe because a friend and I were brainstorming margarita ideas for a cooking competition she’s participating in this weekend.  I won’t give away what she’s submitting, but maybe I can convince her to share it with us next week.

Anyway, there are lots of “beergarita” recipes out there, so I thought it was a no-brainer to make a raspberry version.  And since I always have my margaritas sans salt, I thought a sugar-rimmed glass would be a better compliment to this fruity concoction.


Purple Haze Margarita
24 oz Abita Purple Haze
8 oz tequila
1- 12 oz can frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate


Mix together and serve over ice in a sugar-rimmed glass.

OR Add all ingredients to blender with 2 cups ice and blend for a frozen version.  Serve in a sugar-rimmed glass with a straw.

Pretty darn good, I say!

What’s your favorite Abita brew?

And now, it’s Link Up time!  Share your favorite cocktail concoction and don’t forget to grab the “Happy Hour Friday” badge to put on your blog to let everyone know where you are partying.

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